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 Therapeutic art interventions to transform lives around the world

Our Purpose

This artistic project initiated with Carmen Mondragon in Chacchoben Mexico, is on a mission to empower communities around the world through transformative artistic interventions. The goal is not only to use Art to facilitate healing but also to set up sustainable systems for locals to generate long term income for themselves.

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Youmna ChamCham

Youmna Chamcham is an entrepreneur with +10 years of experience in the non profit and media sector. As the founder of she’s worked first hand in harnessing the power of online communities to create change in places that need it the most. She’s partnered with the UN, UN Habitat, UNESCO, WPF, Blockchain, the EU, Medair, Unilever, LVMH, etc…

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Marcella Ricca

Marcella Ricca is an emotional wellness coach with a degree in psychology, a masters in counseling and clinic neuropsychology. After years of experience combining a variety of different approaches, she has created a unique therapeutic emotional workflow called “starting from the roots”. Her approach aims to reach alignment within a person true essence, their cognitive self, their emotions and behaviors.

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Carmen Mondragon

Carmen Mondragon is an artist whose aim is to stimulate transformation and integration In communities through art and culture. Her goal is to increase social cohesion sense of belonging and values that intrinsically inspire good living. Utilizing art and culture as a tool for social change, solidarity and peace. Her work spans across all Mexican states and has been exposed all over the world including new York and Italy.

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