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Working with Marcella has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I’ve worked with her both on a personal level and as a couple with my fiancé, and the work has made such an impact on both of us. I’m continually in awe of the way our sessions end up in such powerful healings and revelations. Marcella’s wealth of knowledge on neuroscience paired with her intuitive gifts have helped me to identify and reprogram beliefs that were no longer serving me. I witness the results of our work together every day as I’m able to feel more and more present, at peace and aligned with myself more than ever before. So grateful to have found her work in this stage of my life and I would invite anyone who is looking to heal and tap into their full potential to work with her, she is a gift!

Jordy Komesarook

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Through a three stage process for awareness and empowerment you are going to connect to your deepest self where love and trust are in their purest form. Creating your realistically positive productive narratives which are going to power your actions, allowing positive emotions to feed the new formed positive beliefs.

In the first part of the process, using concepts fundamental for your cognitive understanding, you are going to get a wider view on the purpose of your life and gather tools to overcome resistances expressed through visual art and storytelling. In the second part of the process you are going to focus on emotional awareness and healing. Ultimately, in the final stage, you are going to recognize your beliefs, behaviors and emotions and learn how to transform, though a practice of gratitude, any energetic vibrations into positive actions. Becoming the author of your own narratives with a realistic positive and productive mindset.

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